So both EIP-2981 royaltyInfo() and Opensea's seller_fee_basis_points from contractURI() represent royalties percentage awarded to creators. If I set both in a contract, which one will opensea take?

For example, I set 5% as seller_fee_basis_points and 3% for royaltyBPS returned from royaltyInfo() for all tokenIds.

When a token is sold, which one opensea would choose?

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Currently OpenSea does not support EIP-2981 so you need to set the royalty on the contract level metadata in seller_fee_basis_points, however, I suggest you implement the Royalty Standard EIP-2981 in your contract; OpenSea is likely to implement the standard in the future with seaport. Implementing this standard will also future proof your contracts.


  • Looks like Opensea is choosing not to add EIP-2981 support in Seaport. github.com/ProjectOpenSea/seaport/issues/306
    – Tomiwa
    Feb 5, 2023 at 4:59
  • Yeah... The only standard that carries information about creator royalties within the contract.. that was not a nice move
    – Casareafer
    Feb 8, 2023 at 9:51

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