I deployed a contract and minted 5 tokens under the ERC-1155 standard. After reading in multiple that you can replace old URI with a new one to update the metadata of a token, I tried to use my setURI function to set a new IPFS link to display different metadata:

function setURI(uint _id, string memory _uri) public onlyOwner {
    tokenURI[_id] = _uri;
    emit URI(_uri, _id);

After setting the URI, you can read directly from the contract and the new URI is displayed and the link works just fine. I can even mint a new token with the new metadata and it displays perfectly fine. The only problem is when a token has already been minted and I have already set the URI once, so for some reason alchemy is still reading the first setURI rather than the new one I just did.

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Alchemy API is caching NFT media. Eventually the new tokenURI should show up there, too.

  • Is this a joke?? “Eventually” is not good enough for pretty much any app where the tokenUri changes…
    – Jim
    Jul 22 at 22:27

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