I have the following interface in it's own file:

# @version ^0.3.3

interface IFace:
  def read_stuff() -> uint256: view

And I'd like to import it into my other contract.

# @version ^0.3.3
import interfaces.IFace as IFace

def read_contract(some_address: address) -> uint256:
    myContract: IFace = IFace(some_address)
    return myContract.read_stuff()

However, in doing so, I get an error when compiling:

Error compiling: contracts/MyContract.vy
vyper.exceptions.UnknownAttribute: IFace has no member 'read_stuff'. 
  contract "contracts/MyContract.vy", function "read_contract", line 9:11 
       8     myContract: IFace = IFace(some_address)
  ---> 9     return myContract.read_stuff()

What's up?

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Imported interfaces use a different syntax.

When importing an interface, the syntax you use is like a regular vyper contract. Update your interface as such:

# @version ^0.3.3
def read_stuff() -> uint256: 

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