I am making a simple decompiler but i'm struggling with encoding my functions to signatures. For instance I have function "transfer(address recipient, uint256 amount)" which I want to encode into a 4 byte signature also known as MethodID, which for transfer is 0xa9059cbb. Is there a way to do it? I'm using ethers.js.

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You can use the ethers.utils.id function.

const { utils } = require('ethers')

console.log(utils.id('transfer(address,uint256)').substring(0, 10))

The utils.id function will return the keccak256 hash of the function signature you passed it. The substring function call is used to extract 0x + first four bytes. So the final data is the method ID you're looking for.


const iface = new ethers.utils.Interface(abi)
const selector = iface.getSighash('transfer')

You can also get the interface from the Contract object: const iface = contract.interface.

If there is ambiguity in the function, then you'll have to add the parameters for getSighash: const selector = iface.getSighash('transfer(address recipient, uint256 amount)'), ethers will find the correct function for you.


In ethers v6:

  const selector = ethers.FunctionFragment.getSelector('mint', ['address', 'uint256']) // '0x40c10f19'

You don't need the ABI to get a function selector.

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