This code is snippet from a smart contract, In the code below:

  1. who is approving whom and whose funds are cDai allowed to transfer within the given _amount?

  2. what is dai.approve doing?

  3. If contract is depositing funds to compound, why I should use approve cDai?

     function _depositToCompound(uint256 _amount) internal returns (uint256) {
     require(dai.approve(address(cDai), _amount));
     uint256 result = cDai.mint(_amount);
     return result;

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The approve function approves usage of the token to be transferred given the _amount.

  1. The wallet that calls the function is approving the DAI contract to use _amount from the wallet.

  2. dai.approve uses the approve function which takes in two parameters, spender and amount.

  3. Your contract is using cDai to run a mint function, which I assume you're depositing cDai.

You can read more on approval here.

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