I'm developing a NFT minting API with Hardhat, Ethers and alchemyapi.

In Rinkeby network it's working!! But when I deployed my contract to Polygon it's returning some erros when Mint function is called.

The first error was transaction underpriced, so I added this options enter image description here

After that I'm getting a new error: exceeds block gas limit, if I reduce gasPrice and gasLimit values the first error backs.

My Solidity code: https://gist.github.com/matthsena/21362cde23d87c920feb2cc72a8d5512

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I met the same 'underpriced' problem when I switch to Polygon, and solved by using this option { gasPrice:50000000000, gasLimit: 1000000 }, which means gasPrice = 50 Gwei

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