Which node provider can be used to fork Genosis Network (xDai) using brownie? Alchemy, infura and moralis does not provide service. I tried getBlock but doesn't work at all.

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I am a developer advocate at Chainstack. Using the Chainstack platform, You can set up a Gnosis node (elastic) for free and with no rate limiting.

Here's how you can get started: Build better with Gnosis Chain nodes

Also, here's Chainstack doc that shows you how to add your Gnosis node to the brownie network stack.

Hope this helps! happy BUIDLing!


check out www.QuickNode.com 👍

16 chains, 30+ networks -- including xDai / Gnosis (archive data, too!)


Sure, its working pretty well now. You can verify the status by visiting the link: https://getblock.io/nodes/gno/

I also observed that they have been listed as technical sponsors for the Gnosis Hackathon event. This further reinforces the assurance that the nodes are operating reliably

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