I have an array with a bunch of events. I get the block number from these events but I also need the block.timestamp which isnt returned in the event object, its returned by getting the block. So I am looking to do something like this:

  const getTimestamps = async (events) => {
  const ethcallProvider = new Provider(provider);
  await ethcallProvider.init();

  const contractCalls = events.map((event) =>
  const results = await ethcallProvider.all(contractCalls);
  return results;

I have hundreds of events so It would be helpful to be able to use something like multicall to be able to run all the getBlock functions in a single call. Or if theres a multicall libary out there that can do this that would also work. Thanks!

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You can use ethers.providers.JsonRpcBatchProvider, its JS API is equivalent to the JsonRpcProvider. It simply batches the requests, so that multiple requests are sent together in a single network request, instead of separate network requests otherwise. You can find the docs for it here.

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