I am trying to use brownie to learn how to deploy smart contracts and I get to the part on Chainlinks website where I type in

brownie run scripts/price_feed_scripts/deploy_price_consumer_v3.py --network kovan

And in the terminal this pops up:

Brownie v1.18.2 - Python development framework for Ethereum

ChainlinkProject is the active project.
  File "brownie/_cli/__main__.py", line 64, in main
  File "brownie/_cli/run.py", line 47, in main
    path, _ = _get_path(args["<filename>"])
  File "brownie/project/scripts.py", line 137, in _get_path
    raise FileNotFoundError(f"Cannot find {path_str}")
FileNotFoundError: Cannot find scripts/price_feed_scripts/deploy_price_consumer_v3.py

Earlier I had some issue setting up the .env file and I commented out the dotenv

Not sure what's going on.


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