I want to make a blockchain dapp that lets one monitor a que (say a line up to an event or wait time in line for passports etc) or book someone to do the waiting. A gig economy sort of app-except you book ppl to wait in lines, etc. Perhaps these folks doing the gigs can give hourly updates on line conditions.

I want some element of being able to book people and that essentially auto assigned, muh like uber does when one books a driver.

I'm using flutter/dart for my front end of this dapp.

Can anyone hook a girl up with links to similar contracts??

Thank you in advance!

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while it's not your specific use case, here's an example of a 'gig economy' use case involving smart contracts, where a tesla owner and a customer agree on a contract to rent out the tesla to the customer for the short term https://github.com/pappas999/Link-My-Ride

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