There is a related question/answer from 5 years ago but back then the plugin only provided syntax highlighting.

Now, I know I can compile from the solidity file opened in IntelliJ, clicking on a play/run green arrow in the gutter.

My problem is: After I click on the arrow ("Run ContractName.functionName") I get a "Edit Configuration" window. with an error at the bottom ("Error: EVM is not configured"). I'm encouraged to click on a FIX button.

When I do that I get another window to configure Solidity. And here I can't introduce good values.

enter image description here

I don't know what to put on the EVM path. If I put the Solc path (/usr/local/bin or /usr/local/Cellar/solidity/0.8.14/bin) I get "No Solc installation found".

I don't know how to configure. I also have truffle and ganache installed but I preferred to compile directly from IntelliJ.


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It would be very useful to have such option but I am afraid it will not be possible (or at least not reasonable).
For me all options that are available under: Edit Configuration → Error: EVM is not configured → Fix lead in one way or another to EthereumJ related stuff.
Unfortunately EthereumJ on github is marked as deprecated and latest commit is from 20 May 2020.
I assume it may be possible to somehow build its codebase yourself and set EthereumJ VM path to generated artifact but still you would be ~2 years behind in terms of Ethereum evolution...

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