Hope you all are doing great, I code in Solidity and now I have this requirement to convert Solidity code into Rust for Solana. While figuring out a way I came across with Solang. I'm looking for suggestions on this.

While coding in solidity and using Solang like how much freedom would I have with Solang for Solana, or should I go for Solang or rather code in Rust?

P.S: A friend of mine thinks it's not supported on mainnet, just for testnets as of yet. Is he right?

TIA for your suggestions. Have a good one!

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Solana has its own EVM compatible virtual machine called Neon EVM. However it is not ready yet.


Solana is a new blockchain focusing on performance. It supports smart contracts like Ethereum which they call Programs. You can develop those in Rust, but there's also a new project now to compile Solidity to Solana. In other words you can deploy your contracts written in Solidity now to Solana!


  • are there any limitations? I mean do you have full independence on creating smart-contract in Solidity for Solana or somewhere you have to use Rust insted? May 24, 2022 at 8:05

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