The Ethereum execution layer (EVM) will be merged with the Ethereum consensus layer (beacon chain) in an event, called "The Merge." The code name for the merge will be Paris hardfork on the execution layer and Bellatrix on the consensus layer before merging their roadmaps.

Which are the testnets that will be officially supported throughout these merge protocol upgrades?

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The Ethereum core developers decided that the following testnets will be maintained in the future, including the merge:

The following testnets will no longer receive protocol upgrades and shall no longer be considered:

  • Olympic (PoW, no chain ID, replaced by Morden in 2015)
  • Morden (PoW, chain ID 2, custom starting nonce, replaced by Ropsten in 2016)
  • Kovan (PoA, chain ID 42, retired with Parity Ethereum in 2019)
  • Ropsten (PoW, chain ID 3, replaced by Sepolia in 2021)
  • Rinkeby (PoA, chain ID 4, retired before the merge in 2022)

The Ropsten Testnet (PoW, chain ID 3) will be receiving the merge upgrade for testing purposes but subsequently be deprecated in 2022.

See also: OG Council: Post-Merge Testnets

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