I'm doing a job to load opensea collections and their tokens into another project and sell them with user approval.

The thing is that I have created a token in Rinkeby, and from my script, I setApprovalForAll() with my address to an address X to the OpenSea contract that I have in the token and it runs without problems. The problem is when I want to transfer that token from the approved address. Calling safeTransferFrom()... I get

Fail with error 'AssetContractShared#_requireMintable: ONLY_CREATOR_ALLOWED'.

I've been reading around, and some say it's because you have to mine the token from the owner first...but I've tried that too, and I get this message:

Fail with error 'AssetContractShared#_requireMintable: SUPPLY_EXCEEDED'.

Any suggestions?



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