I'm trying to create a Safe App, and am following this tutorial https://docs.gnosis-safe.io/build-with-safe/sdks/safe-apps/testing-your-safe-app

It pointed me to https://dev.gnosis-safe.io/

where I'm suppose to be able to create a Safe, but I get an error, when following these steps


  1. Visit https://dev.gnosis-safe.io/
  2. Connect address
  3. Attempt to "Create Safe"



TypeError: b is undefined
    e Welcome.tsx:88
    c runtime.js:63
    _invoke runtime.js:293
    E runtime.js:118
    e Welcome.tsx:112



  1. Can proceed in creating a Safe successfully

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You need to deploy contracts first and only then create a Safe.

The developer interface is only meant for networks not supported by the production interface. I can see that you're connected to Rinkeby, so you can use the production interface for testing your app.

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