I want to create a market place of nfts. I know how to mint and creat nft but I dont know how to set price of token, how to set list of orders. I read that the price should be set on token contract address. Then how can I set price to token contract address and how to update that price because each user(a person who owns the nft) want to sell as a different price. Should I save the price and list of orders in my database or I should set them on token contract address or maybe in nft?

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If you are on a marketplace, you can define an Nft marketplace item the way you want it:

struct NftItem{
    uint tokenId;
    uint price;
    address creator;
    bool isListed;

You can write a _createNft function:

function _createNftItem(uint tokenId,uint price) private{
    require(price > 0, "Price must be at least 1 wei");
    // depends on how you wanna store the nft
    emit NftItemCreated(tokenId,price, msg.sender,true);

when you call the mint function, you can pass price arg, you call _createNftItem function

function mintToken(string memory tokenURI,uint price) public payable returns (uint){
    require("write logic this tokenUri was not used before");
    require("make sure sender is sending the lsiting price");
    uint newTokenId=_tokenIds.current();
    // this is a wrapper for _mint
     // minting will create an item on blockchain
     // createNftItem is specific to marketplace
    return newTokenId;

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