I deployed the Gnosis Safe Guard example (https://github.com/safe-global/safe-contracts/blob/v1.3.0/contracts/examples/guards/DebugTransactionGuard.sol) on rinkeby network using remix.

Then I followed the official guide to add it to my gnosis wallet: https://help.gnosis-safe.io/en/articles/5496893-add-a-transaction-guard

After confirm the transaction on gnosis UI, it just fails with revoke message on the blockchain. No more clues. I'm wondering if there is an issue on the Gnosis app itself, or I'm missing something?

Details: My wallet created on rinkedby has balance and transaction was confirmed by the 2 owners.

  • The transaction failed on rinkeby is 0x5cc96dca908986b2b89f686c3b9d4f07e79bcefb217b92bdf4fbeff1b35c525e
    – CryptoMan
    Commented May 15, 2022 at 17:25

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The safe's transaction recipient is 0xd9Db270c1B5E3Bd161E8c8503c55cEABeE709552 (singleton) but it should be 0x784b9e48eb29b1dd4956aed7385e9c99444306cd (safe proxy) instead

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