I have a fallback function like this. So I am able to send and increase the amount in "contract address". Assume I sent 2 transactions like 10 and 20, the sum is 30 is successfully shown.

I am very much confused how to reduce the amount of contract address. I am using Remix and when i try to reduce it is actually reducing from Account adress. How to choose contract address and reduce amount of contract. Can you please mention a piece of code.

Actually in Remix only 10 Account address are shown but not the contract addresses

pragma solidity 0.4.25;
contract sendether{

     function receiveEther() payable public{


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The contract is the only one able to reduce its balance.

You need to add a function in the contract, that function will be able to send ether to a recipient

function rescueETH() public onlyOwner {

now send a tx that calls contract.rescueETH().


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