I have been trying to deploy a smart contract to the new AVAX Swimmer subnet. Its just stuck on the initial run, and does not seem to generate a transaction: pls see screenshot

enter image description here

I added the Subnet trying both:

brownie networks add Avalanche Swimmer name=Subnet host=https://subnets.avax.network/swimmer/mainnet/rpc chainid=73772 explorer=https://subnets.avax.network/swimmer/mainnet/explorer


brownie networks add Avalanche Swimmer name=Subnet host=https://rpc.swimmer.network/ext/bc/2K33xS9AyP9oCDiHYKVrHe7F54h2La5D8erpTChaAhdzeSu2RX/rpc chainid=73772 explorer=https://explorer.swimmer.network

Neither work.

Any ideas?


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