I recently started learning to use hardhat to interact with and deploy smart contracts and I noticed that while brownie can accept a from address field for chain transactions, hardhat doesn't.

  • Does hardhat automatically supply this based on the address that deployed the transaction?
  • How do I call a transaction with a different address using hardhat?

E.g, Barebone code to deploy a Box contract and call a function store which accepts an integer:


  • to deploy
    box = Box.deploy({"from": account})

  • to create a tx
    box_tx = box.store(42, {"from": account})               from account here*


  • to deploy
const box = await deploy("Box", {
   from: account,
   args: [],
  • to create a tx
    const boxTx = await box.store(42)               No from account here*, how do we add an account?

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hardhat is using ethers.js by default, you can read about overrides.

You can call it this way

const boxTx = await box.store(42, {
  from: account 

hope that answers your question


Identical issue is resolved in this answer here on official etherjs github repo.

NOTE: By default, first account (i.e, signer at 0 index) from the list of accounts returned by ethers.getSigners method is used for all contract deployment and all transactions.

const [_, secondSigner, thirdSigner] = await ethers.getSigners();
await box.connect(secondSigner).store(42);
await box.connect(thirdSigner).store(42);

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