I have a contract that has a function deployContract(bytes memory runtimeBytecode) I want this function to be able to deploy the bytes sent to it as a new smart contract. I understand that I will have to have the creation byte code inside that function adapts to the runtimeBytecode sent. May be I could use some assembly with the create or create2 opcodes? Any advice is welcome Thank you

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function deploy(bytes memory _data) public returns (address pointer) {

    bytes memory code = abi.encodePacked(

    assembly { 
        pointer := create(0, add(code, 32), mload(code)) 

  0x00    0x63         0x63XXXXXX  PUSH4 _data.length  size
  0x01    0x80         0x80        DUP1                size size
  0x02    0x60         0x600e      PUSH1 14            14 size size
  0x03    0x60         0x6000      PUSH1 00            0 14 size size
  0x04    0x39         0x39        CODECOPY            size
  0x05    0x60         0x6000      PUSH1 00            0 size
  0x06    0xf3         0xf3        RETURN

in this example _data is your runtime code

reference: https://github.com/0xsequence/sstore2/blob/master/contracts/utils/Bytecode.sol

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