My contracts were tested in both Browser Solidity and Mist Wallet and it works fine. I am trying to use testrpc and trying to depoy

Below is the javascript I am using it on truffle console

contribute - is a function which will accept address and it is of payable type. "0xe014b7528ae8b245b829dca3f9abceabc777b387" is the contract address

Please let me know what could be wrong here.

truffle(development)> hub.then(function(instance){
return instance.contribute("0xe014b7528ae8b245b829dca3f9abceabc777b387",{
}).then(function(result) {console.log(result)});
  • It's a little different between truffle 2 and 3. Which one are we talking about? Mar 5, 2017 at 15:40
  • I am developing using truffle 3
    – sun
    Mar 5, 2017 at 15:45

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First, use the migrations script in ./migrations, usually 2_deploy_contracts.js.

Comment out the MetaCoin example and ...

artifacts ... path to your source file

Back to linux shell, root dir of your project.

$ truffle migrate


The foregoing just gets truffle situated to help you out. In particular, it knows the contract address and function abstractions.

$ truffle console
> var contract = ContractName.deployed();
> contract.contribute({value: 1}); 
> contract.balance

I'm hoping the simplified syntax helps you out. I imagine it should work okay because you're pausing between each step.

Use .then(function(result) {}) to start working with "thenable" responses in scripts that don't wait around for the user to type something.

  • I tried for sometime and now able to send funds. Have attached few screen shots and code. Thank you Rob !!
    – sun
    Mar 5, 2017 at 19:19
  • Great. Polly worth a bump if it helped. The results are BigNumbers, so more fun ahead. Try contract.balance.toString(10); Mar 5, 2017 at 19:28

I have added step by step instructions as suggested. I hope it would help someone

pragma solidity ^0.4.8;

import "./B.sol";

contract A {

   address[] public addElements;

   function A() payable {


   function create(string x,string y) returns (address a) {
       B obj = new B(x,y);
       return obj;

   function contribute(address x) payable returns (bool) {

    if(msg.value == 0) return false;

    address contributor = msg.sender;

    bool isFailure = B(x).donate.value(msg.value)(contributor);

    return isFailure;


   function getElements() returns (address[] ) {
       return addElements;


pragma solidity ^0.4.8;

contract B {

     struct details  {
        string name;
        string desc;

   details public param;

   function B(string a,string b) {
       param.name = a;
       param.desc = b;

   function donate(address x) payable returns (bool) {

    // TODO functionality to be added
    return true;


   function getInfo () constant returns (string name, string desc) {
        return (param.name,param.desc);


screen shot 1 screen shot 2

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