I want to send a request for signing a message on MetaMask. the method i assumed should do it is the signer.SignMessage(msg) however this is returning the signature without asking for approval on MetaMask.

const contract = require( "../artifacts/contracts/token.sol/token.json" );
const keys = require( "../keys.json" );

const alchemyProvider = new ethers.providers.AlchemyProvider( network = "ropsten", keys.ALCHEMY_API_KEY );
const signer = new ethers.Wallet( keys.ROPSTEN_PRIVATE_KEY, alchemyProvider );
const token = new ethers.Contract( keys.TOKEN_ADDRESS, contract.abi, signer );

async function main ()

    msg = "Hallo Welt";
    let signature = await signer.signMessage( msg );
    console.log( signature );

the console is returning the signature hash already. Should I use a different Method?


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The private key is hardcoded so it does not need metamask's approval even if you connect your wallet.

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