I can understand the reason of why there is a IERC721, because it's standard.

BUT I can not understand why lots of project's contract is itself's interface, like

contract Woolf is IWoolf {} contract Lostpoets is Ilostpoets {}

Can't they just write in one contract?

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dApps can use interfaces for the same reasons as standards – they have methods that need to be used throughout their project. Because methods in an interface must be implemented in any contract that inherits it, they are used like a template. Maybe their project is upgradeable or can be extended with other contracts. Interfaces facilitate this kind of extensibility.

Edit: Here's an article that goes more in-depth on the use of interfaces. Particularly, this point:

Knowing that a smart contract is based on a specific interface makes it easy [to] understand what the contract can do, and know how to interact with the contract. It removes the need of understanding the complexity behind the actual functions themselves.


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