Let's take this contract on Etherscan as example.

After Open Zeppelin dependencies, we found this:

import "./ERC721A.sol";
import "../interfaces/IMerkle.sol";
import "../interfaces/IClaimMerkle.sol";

Is it possible to view the source code of these dependencies?

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If you scroll down the page about etherscan, you can see the code about all file that include this smart contract.

ERC721A.sol enter image description here

IMerkle.sol enter image description here

IClaimMerkle.sol enter image description here

  • What a mess! Before, I scrolled down the page but the cursor was at the bottom of the page so when inside the first file, instead of scrolling the page, it scrolls only that window!
    – Simon Orro
    Commented Apr 22, 2022 at 14:39

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