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someone has a problem with ether.li. After it did not sign transactions, he accidently deleted his accounts. But all data is still here:

  • Address
  • Backup private Key
  • Encrypted private key
  • User Key Adress
  • Backup Key Adress
  • Co-signer Adress

My plan is to extract the private keys and use parity to import them. Is the data here enough? Do I need to extract priv keys from the browser or something like this?

I'm a bit confused. How is the private key encrypted? (some way to decrypt it without ether.li)? What's the difference between encrypted private key and backup address?

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  • I need the same information. Ether.li has problens and I need to import in other way like parity. But I cant figure out! – Christiane Lima Jun 15 '17 at 6:11