//transaction struct of what a tx should have
struct Transaction{
    address to;
    uint value;
    bool executed;
    uint numConfirmations;
    mapping(address => bool) isConfirmed;
    mapping(address => bool) isRevoked;

//Array of transactions to keep track of each tx
Transaction[] public transactions;    

A Transaction struct and an array type of Transaction. I want to access any Transaction value in the array and use it to for testing with brownie. How can I do this?

Will appreciate your response!

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You can do this:

# Get accoun
account = get_account()

# Deploy Contract
contract = ContractName.deploy(
    {"from": account}
# Retrieve the latest contract
contract = ContractName[-1]


Since transactions array is public, solidity automatically creates a getter function, which is the same name as your array. By making a call to this getter, you will get a tuple. For example: contract.array_name(0)[0] will print the first field of your struct.


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