Long story short: I want anyone to be able mint an ERC721 token using the mint function within my contract BUT I also want to do some stuff if the mint function gets called from my dApp's front-end. Is there a way to check this and do some stuff in my mint function?

My idea: Maybe I can create a signature with my wallet that gets into the mint function if the call is made from my front end. I can (can I?) send this signature along with the transaction made by the user using my front end. But can someone see and copy this signature to use it outside my front end?

  • hi @mehmedb, please follow up you have an answer here Commented Jul 30, 2022 at 14:05

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Yes, you can use a signature that is generated on your server and delivered through your front-end.

This is a web2 solution and will require a client-server setup.

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