I want to integrate with 0x-protocol v4 for trading ERC20 Token <-> ERC721 Token, I think ERC721OrdersFeature can help, how to deploy ERC721OrdersFeature smartcontract to BSC testnet?

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If you just need to integrate ERC20<>ERC721 swap functionality into your app, the easiest way is using the NFT swap sdk built by one of our ecosystem partners (https://github.com/trader-xyz/nft-swap-sdk).

If you really need to deploy, the process is super straightforward. If you do plan to deploy it yourself, this migration file is what we use to deploy the Exchange Proxy + a subset of features in our tests; however, we don't promise support if you go this route.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a testnet, try ropsten or forking bsc mainnet using hardhat (similar instructions for Ethereum mainnet: https://docs.0x.org/advanced-traders/guides/working-in-the-testnet#forking-mainnet-ethereum).

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