I am using Chainlink VRF2 where I receive random numbers via a callback to this function:

function fulfillRandomWords(
    uint256, /* requestId */
    uint256[] memory randomWords
  ) internal override {
    s_randomWords = randomWords;

This function supposedly will be called by VRF coordinator but the fulfillRandomWords() function has the access modifier internal. How does the VRFCoordinator send this function a random number if it is an external contract?

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In the import VRFConsumerBaseV2.sol you will see the actual function being called by the VRFCoordinator is:

function rawFulfillRandomWords(uint256 requestId, uint256[] memory randomWords) external {
    if (msg.sender != vrfCoordinator) {
      revert OnlyCoordinatorCanFulfill(msg.sender, vrfCoordinator);
    fulfillRandomWords(requestId, randomWords);

This external function calls fulfillRandomWords(), and because it is inherited, fulfillRandomWords() can be internal.

Reference: VRFConsumerBaseV2.sol GitHub

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