Contact A:

function redeemAssetsForBuyback(address[] calldata tokens) external {
  // ...

I would like to call redeemAssetsForBuyback from Contract B:

function initiateRedeem() external {
  // ...
  // I have address[] memory payload ready to be sent
  address[] memory myPayload;

  // Can I transform myPayload to address[] calldata?
  IContractA(contractAAdrress).redeemAssetsForBuyback(myPayload); // Parameter mismatchs

I can change the redeemAssetsForBuyback function's parameter to be memory instead of calldata and my issue resolves on JS VM at Remix but I read that I should be using calldata here.

So, can I somehow create a address[] calldata on ContractB and call ContractA's function with it? If not, is it okay to use redeemAssetsForBuyback(address[] memory tokens)?

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This is one way to do so:

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract A {
    event Received(bytes);
    function redeemAssetsForBuyback(address[] calldata) external{
      emit Received(msg.data);

contract B{
    function initiateRedeem(address _contractA, address[] calldata address_array) external {
        (bool success, ) = _contractA.call(
            abi.encodeWithSignature("redeemAssetsForBuyback(address[])", address_array)

If you deploy ContractA and pass the address of ContractA to initiateRedeem() in ContractB along with your array of address, it will make an call to redeemAssetsForBuyback function in contractA.

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