Sorry for the tech -- but also non-tech question.

I'm trying to understand RFI/ Reflection tokens and how they work. I've got the code pulled up, but I'm missing a key component on how the math is calculated to determine user balance using reflections.

I've found a few questions here that explain individual pieces of the contract, but I haven't found a great explanation of R-Space vs T-Space. I'm looking for a more in depth explanation of how all this works.

Similar questions I've found:

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Binance Smart Chain tokens: What are tTotal, rTotal, tSupply, rSupply, rOwned, tOwned which I see everywhere?

What is the logic behind token reflections?

This question was especially helpful because it linked to another article, but after reading it I understood the concept somewhat but still feel confused.

How do redistribution rewards work on deflationary coins?

Does anyone have a good link to a learning resource for this? Or maybe someone can ELI5 here. I feel like I'm just missing some simple concept that is just eluding me. Figured I would ask here, and come back to in the morning after getting some sleep :)



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