I would like to know if there is any method of identifying if an address is erc721 or 1155 without calling the differentiating functions on both.


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According to the IEP-165 you can, I had a similar issue/question this article helped me.

Solidity get interface id and ERC165 by Nhan Cao

Hope this helps you out as well!


A detailed solution to your answer is given Stack Overflow. Please do have a look:



Answer can be divided into two cases:

  1. address supports ERC165 (implements supportsInterface), but it is not ERC721;
  2. address does not support ERC165 (no supportsInterface implementation). As an example, it can be ERC20, any Smart Contract, EOA, etc.

First case: nftAddress.supportsInterface(type(IERC721).interfaceId); returns false. Thus your require or if - else handles it normally.

Second case: as supportsInterface is not implemented at all, transaction fails without reason.

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