pragma solidity 0.8.13;
contract A {
    function callBFunction( address _address) public returns (bool) {
        bytes4 sig = bytes4(keccak256("bFunction()"));
        (bool success,) = _address.call(
        return success;
contract B {
    uint256 public num = 4;
    function bFunciton()  public returns(uint256){
        num = 996;
        return num;

run A.callBFunction After that, the num of the B contract has not changed.

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You have write wrong the function name in A smart contract. In this line of code:

 bytes4 sig = bytes4(keccak256("bFunction()"));

your function inside B smart contract is not called bFunction() but bFunciton().

Change the function name in line, that I described above, and it'll work.

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