I’m working on an upgradeable contract that uses fallback functions with inline assembly delegatecall and call calls (using calldatacopy and returndatacopy) to route internal and external function calls . Function calls often get routed through three fallback functions before executed. I have a decent set of tests and everything passes successfully. However if I emit an event in the initial fallback function, contract execution stops with a brownie.exceptions.VirtualMachineError: revert on chained fallback calls. Once the emit is removed the test suite passes again without issue.

Any ideas what's going wrong here or how I can troubleshoot this? I have layered calldata, do events impact that in some way? This brings back memories of uninitialized pointers…

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    I'll try to reproduce it with other clients like geth, ganache, besu, etc. Perhaps it is something wrong with brownie implementation. If it happens with many clients then likely is a problem with the code, one option is to debug step by step.
    – Ismael
    Apr 12, 2022 at 4:28

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The contract makes intra-contract calls through the fallback function. The issue was with calls to view functions, which compile into staticcalls that can’t emit events.

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