I'm doing a hobby project and as far as i know source code of contracts published in Etherscan are publicly available and can be seen here like for Tether but some tokens only have the options to query their codes. Is there any way to see their source code too

As in this picture source code available

Source code available

As in this picture source code not available

Source Code not available

I'm curious to know is there anyway to know what was the source code of this contract

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There are 2 contract screens on etherscan, one where you can interact with the contract and one where you view the source code.

You are on the one where you are interacting. So all you need to do is click on the contract address on the top right like here: enter image description here

Then you will see the contract tab below here to view the source code: enter image description here

  • See this here, I'm on contract page etherscan.io/address/…
    – Saad Suri
    Commented Apr 9, 2022 at 21:48
  • SO the only thing this means is that the contract owner has not verified the contract. There isn't a way on etherscan to then view the contract. You can decompile the bytecode but it wont give an accurate full view of the code. Commented Apr 10, 2022 at 5:40

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