Is it possible with Hardhat to launch a script, wait for its completion (or an error), and then jump into the console, with access to the current environment variables?

When using eth-brownie, or python in general, you can add the -i flag to achieve this. Does the equivalent exist with node/hardhat? If yes, how to do it?

  • did you find a solution?
    – Yash Sodha
    Apr 28, 2022 at 11:44

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Question answered here:

"You can use repl.start() at the end of your code to do that.

const repl = require("repl");

const myVariable = 1;
console.log("myVariable: ", myVariable);
// provide extra contexts here to access in the REPL
repl.start().context.myVariable = myVariable;

Note that by default only global variables are accessible in the REPL. If you want to access other variables, you must pass them via context"


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