When using hashmaps in Vyper, can we initialize it directly with more than one value?

I am currently looping over a separate list of addresses in the constructor.

allowedAdmins: HashMap[address, bool]
allowedAdminsList: address[3] = [0xADD1E55E11, 0xADD2E55E22, 0xADD3E55E33]

def __init__():
    for _admin in self.allowedAdminsList:
        self.allowedAdmins[_admin] = True

But is it possible to just initialize it in a single line if possible. Something like

allowedAdmins: HashMap[address, bool] = [(0xADD1E55E11, True),
                                         (0xADD2E55E22, True),
                                         (0xADD3E55E33, True)]

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It isn't possible to initialize storage variables in vyper. In this case you can initialize in __init__() function the hashmap and when you try to deploy the smart contract for the first time this function'll initialize the hashmap with your values.

The documentation say this:

For storage variables (declared in the module scope), an initial value cannot be set

More information here.

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