My question is, is it completely safe to create an account with real funds in Brownie without hardware wallet, only with a password? Is there a possibility the private key stored like that could be compromised somehow? And where does it stored on the computer?

In addition I have an issue: I use Trust Wallet installed on an empty smartphone as the main wallet with actual funds. As it does not allow to get the private key directly, I created a local account in Brownie from a seed phrase (for a new test Trust Wallet account), printed a private key in the console and thus created an account - is it a safe way, or is there another better one?

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Keystore files are encrypted JSON files stored in your local machine. You can access them in ~/.brownie/accounts on Linux/MAC OS (C:\Users\<User>\Appdata/Roaming/brownie/accounts on Windows). These files are encrypted using aes-128-ctr. (use give a password to encrypt your private key). You can find more information regarding them here.

If you look at this answer question, which is regarding the security of aes-128-ctr, you will see that the security of encrypted json files depends on the passwrod you use.

Even if thus the key might be about 80-bit good, which is not entirely unbreakable by brute force but still quite secure.

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