I am developing an NFT Marketplace where I am distributing free NFTs(out of 3 defined categories, Diamond,Gold,Silver). I have developed a dropsite smart contract for this distribution. The dropsite module will only be executed once like it will mint only 1000 NFTs then it will be closed.

After distribution, I want those NFTs to be usable on Marketplace contract. For this I want to send the ownerships of Distributed NFTs from Dropsite contract to Marketplace contract. SO that the user may send/transfer/sell those NFTs on marketplace.

How can I achieve this?

Here is my Dropsite minting Contract:

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "./ERC1155_Dropsite.sol"; 
contract Dropsite is ERC1155_Dropsite  { 

    //NFT category
    bytes  data ="";

    uint TotalNFTsMinted;     //Total NFTs
    uint numOfCopies;         //A user can mint only 1 NFT
    //Initial Minting
    uint Diamond;            
    uint Gold;
    uint Silver;

    //owner-NFT-ID Mapping
    mapping (address=>uint)  dropsite_NFT_Owner;
    //payments Mapping
     mapping (address => uint) deposits;
  modifier OnlyOwner {
        require(_msgSender() == Owner, "Only NFT-ES Owner can Access");

    //Pausing and activating the contract
    modifier contractIsNotPaused(){
        require (IsPaused == false, "Dropsite is not Opened Yet." );
      bool public IsPaused = true;
    address payable public  Owner;
    string private _name;
    constructor (string memory name){
        _name = name;
        Owner = payable(msg.sender);

        TotalNFTsMinted=0;     //Total NFTs Minted
        numOfCopies=1;         //A user can mint only 1 NFT
     function checkMintedCategoryWise() public view OnlyOwner returns(uint,uint,uint){
         return (Diamond,Gold,Silver);
    function checkTotalMinted() public view OnlyOwner returns(uint){
         return TotalNFTsMinted;
     function stopDropsite() public OnlyOwner{
        require(IsPaused==false, "Dropsite is already Stopped");

     function openDropsite() public OnlyOwner {
        require(IsPaused==true, "Dropsite is already Running");
     //To WithDraw All Ammount from Contract to Owners Address 
    function withDraw(address payable to) public payable OnlyOwner {
        uint Balance = address(this).balance;
        require(Balance > 0 wei, "Error! No Balance to withdraw"); 
    //To Check Contract Balance in Wei
      function ContractBalance() public view OnlyOwner returns (uint){
        return address(this).balance;

    function random() internal view returns (uint) {
        //Only Returns 0,1,2
    uint randomnumber = uint(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(block.timestamp, msg.sender))) % 3;
    return randomnumber;

   function updateConditions(uint nftId) internal contractIsNotPaused {
           // if nftID is 0, and less than 51 so 50 MAX
    if(nftId == 0 && Diamond < 50) {
        data = "Diamond";

    // if nftID is 0 or 1 and Diamond is more than 150, it will go there
    } else if(nftId <= 1 && Gold < 100) {
        data = "Gold";

    // if any of the above conditions are filled it will mint silver if enough silver available
    } else if(nftId <= 2 && Silver <= 850) {
    revert("Some Error Occured");     
    //Random minting after Fiat Payments
    function FiatrandomMint(address user_addr) OnlyOwner contractIsNotPaused public returns (uint,string memory) {
     require(TotalNFTsMinted<1000, "Max Minting Limit reached");
   uint nftId = random(); // we're assuming that random() returns only 0,1,2    
    _mint(user_addr, nftId, numOfCopies, data);
    return (nftId,string(data));
    function depositAmount(address payee,uint amountToDeposit) internal {
        deposits[payee] += amountToDeposit;
    //Random minting after Crypto Payments
    function CryptoRandomMint(address user_addr)  contractIsNotPaused public payable returns (uint,string memory) {
     require(TotalNFTsMinted<1000, "Max Minting Limit reached");
     require(msg.value == (25), "Balance must be 25 Matics");
   uint nftId = random(); // we're assuming that random() returns only 0,1,2
    _mint(user_addr, nftId, numOfCopies, data);
    depositAmount(_msgSender(), msg.value);
    return (nftId,string(data));

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If I figured your question right. You want for a Marketplace contract to get ownership of Distributed NFTs.

To do that, you would usually use transferOwnership() function. You can find an example of it in OpenZeppelin library. There is even a contract Ownabale.sol written for that specific purpose. (Though it deals with ownership of contracts)

It seems like you had written your own Ownership logic in your case. I would advise using OpenZeppelin instead, I am positive they have a solution for this, likey even inside the ERC1155 standard. Even more so, as their code is audited, there is far less chance of introducing security exploits.

  • Yes, You figured out right. OpenZeppelin Ownable library works only for contracts. But I want to only have record(Or any other solution) of Minted NFTs from Dropsite Contract to Marketplace contract. So that my users may sell them on Marketplace. In my marketplace contract I have used OpenZeppelin contracts and its completely secure. But for dropsite the custom logic is my requirement. It is simple minting on an address using Openzeppelin _mint() function. What I want now is some way to sell that minted NFT from Dropsite on my marketplace. Apr 4, 2022 at 9:18

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