People are calling Polygon both a layer-2 and a sidechain even though these are 2 different concepts. Which one is it?

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A significant difference between layer 2 and sidechain -

  1. Sidechains have security mechanisms of their own.
  2. Layer 2 solutions derive their security from their parent blockchain while using their own tools to address scalability issue of parent blockchains.

Polygon is a Layer-2 scaling sidechain solution because it has an ecosystem of its own (POS Chain, Plasma Chains, ZK-rollups, Optimistic rollups, etc). And while it might be possible to classify these individual solutions in either of the two categories, polygon as a whole cannot of classified in either of them simply because Polygon's scope is much broader. Hence, a lot of times for Polygon the terms L2 and sidechains are used interchangably.

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    Mar 31 at 14:48

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