I would like to be able to call all the addresses for a specific tokenId in an ERC1155 contract in order to airdrop those with a specific token. I know ERC721 has the function ownerof to allow for this, is there an equivalent for ERC1155?

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There is no function for this on ERC1155.

Because a token is not necessarily unique, it can have multiple owners.

Same as ERC20 there is no function to list all the holders.

On ERC1155 _balances mapping is like this:

mapping(uint256 => mapping(address => uint256)) private _balances;

Simple representation:

TokenID => holder => amountOfTokenID

For one TokenID you can have multiple holders

To answer your question: It is not possible to retrieve this information from the smart contract.

However, it is possible to get this information off-chain using events with the right logic / filters

Or via TheGraph.

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