I'm using the 0x API on my smart contract.

Is there any available API/tool to parse the bytecode from the 0x API ?

That would enhance my productivity.

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Yes their is way you can decode.

    struct _0xSwapDescription {
    address inputToken;
    address outputToken;
    uint256 inputTokenAmount;

and then you can pass 0x api data to following line

            ( _0xSwapDescription memory swapDescriptionObj) = abi.decode(_0xData[4:], (_0xSwapDescription));

In Most cases it will solve this . But if 0x is trying to run feature like function sellTouniswap or sellToPancakeswap. then above will not return correct error.


We've also built a tool called 0x-debug that is quite helpful for ABI decoding calldata returned by the 0x API: https://github.com/0xProject/0x-debug

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