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Getting high gas error when trying to add liquidity

Contract of token https://testnet.ftmscan.com/token/0x21eDdDA49BB1625ae356E452df180D11244735Fb

spookyswap UniswapV2Router02 testnet https://testnet.ftmscan.com/address/0xa6ad18c2ac47803e193f75c3677b14bf19b94883#writeContract

address used


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you don't have enough allowance.

You need to approve the smart contract to use your token by calling: function approve(address spender, uint amount)

you can call approve on your ERC20(0x21eDdDA49BB1625ae356E452df180D11244735Fb)

with SpookyswapRouter as spender : 0xa6AD18C2aC47803E193F75c3677b14BF19B94883

and amount should be the amount you want to deposit(you can put a higher amount to be sure)

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