I'm trying to create a subgraph using callHandlers. It doesn't seem to index function calls that come from a smart contract, only EOAs. Is there a way I can ensure these are included in the subgraph?

Here's my subgraph.yaml

specVersion: 0.0.2
  file: ./schema.graphql
  - kind: ethereum
    name: Vesting
    network: mainnet
      address: "0x2B79E11984514Ece5B2Db561F49c0466cC7659EA"
      abi: Vesting
      startBlock: 13369330
      kind: ethereum/events
      apiVersion: 0.0.5
      language: wasm/assemblyscript
        - Claim
        - name: Vesting
          file: ./abis/Vesting.json
        - function: setVestingSchedule(address,uint256,bool) 
          handler: handleSetVestingSchedule
        - function: claim()
          handler: handleClaim
        - function: cancelVesting(address)
          handler: handleCancel
      file: ./src/mapping.ts

I know that the setVestingSchedule function was called from a smart contract, but none of those events are being indexed

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Try adding the 'calling contract' to your yaml file. I know that only the events emitted by the two contracts I added to my subgraph have their entities tracked. Less actually as I removed one event for one contract from my yaml.

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