I created a bare bone Chainlink keeper for testing purpose. In checkUpkeep, I set upkeepNeeded to true and emit an event. In performUpkeep, I increment a counter and emit another event. Surprisingly, only the event in performUpkeep is emitted. Anyone knows why the event in checkUpkeep is not emitted?

Link to contract deployed on kovan: https://kovan.etherscan.io/address/0xE5c13FEe7F4DDBB19f0941b8616f8B9D5EB77dB5#events

Link to keeper: https://keepers.chain.link/kovan/2738

Contract code:

//SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

interface KeeperCompatibleInterface {
    function checkUpkeep(bytes calldata checkData) external returns (bool upkeepNeeded, bytes memory performData);
    function performUpkeep(bytes calldata performData) external;

contract Huma is KeeperCompatibleInterface {

    event UpkeepChecked(uint256 timestamp);
    event UpkeepPerformed( uint counter );
    uint public counter;

    function checkUpkeep(bytes calldata checkData) external override returns (bool upkeepNeeded, bytes memory performData) {       
        upkeepNeeded = true;
        performData = checkData;
        emit UpkeepChecked(block.timestamp);

    function performUpkeep(bytes calldata /*performData*/) external override {
        emit UpkeepPerformed(counter);

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Chainlink keepers only simulate calling checkUpkeep.

Per the docs.

Because checkUpkeep is only ever performed off-chain in simulation, for most cases it is best to treat this as a view function and not modify any state. This might not always be possible if you want to use more advanced Solidity features like DelegateCall. It is a best practice to import the KeeperCompatible.sol contract and use the cannotExecute modifier to ensure that the method can be used only for simulation purposes.

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