Please, how to make a transaction from Brownie to a smart contract which has a receive function like so:

address payable public destination;
event ForwarderDeposited(address from, uint256 value, bytes data);

receive() external payable {
    emit ForwarderDeposited(msg.sender, msg.value, msg.data);

In, for example some test that could look like:

def test_recieve():
    # Arrange
    account = accounts[0]
    sender = accounts[1]
    # Act
    forwarder = Forwarder.deploy({"from": account})
    txn = forwarder.receive(5, {"from": sender})
    # Assert
    assert forwarder.destination().balance() == 5

Throws error: AttributeError: Contract 'Forwarder' object has no attribute 'receive'

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To call your receive function from brownie, you have to use:

sender.transfer(to=forwarder, amount=5)

Also please note that you can't have msg.data with receive fallback function: see documentation here

  • Seems to be working, thanks! Just for anyone not to get confused, use like this: sender.transfer(forwarder, "1 ether")
    – ivpavici
    Mar 16, 2022 at 16:17

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