I've declared a mapping mapping (address => uint) public stakeholderId; in another contract. I want to copy it from the contract, so I've declared a mapping and want to assign the mapping to it:

contract ActivityInterface{
    address CongressAddress = 0x1;
    Congress temp = Congress(CongressAddress);
    mapping (address => uint) stakeholderId = temp.stakeholderId;

However, why does it show the following error for the line mapping (address => uint) stakeholderId = temp.stakeholderId;:

Type function (address) returns (uint256) is not implicitly convertible to expected type mapping(address => uint256).

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Solidity generates getter functions for public state variables.

Those functions can be used to access other contract's state.

In your example, temp.stakeholderId is a such autogenerated function. You can call it to get stakeholder id by address:

uint id = temp.stakeholderId(someAddress);

So, back to error message temp.stakeholderId has type function (address) returns (uint256) and it can not be converted to mapping(address => uint256).

As to your original intention, maps are reference types, and I don't think it is easy to copy map from one contract to another without some loop.

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