I know you can add a network to brownie by using a command:

brownie networks add Ethereum ganache-local host= chainid=5777

or for example:

brownie networks add development ganache-local host= cmd=ganache

In both cases, I get a network named ganache-local that is connected to my ganache GUI and therefore I can deploy my smart contracts and do testing there.

However, what I want, is to know how to add network into brownie-confing.yaml file and have it work all the same. (As I am well used to doing that inside truffle-config.js)

I tried it in a few ways, but nothing worked so far. Here is my brownie-config.yaml. Hopefully, someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. (I am trying to add a network named local that has the same parameters as the ganache-local from the commands listed above.

  local: # the default network that brownie connects to
    host: ""
    port: 7545
    chainid: 5777
    network_id: "*"
    cmd: ganache

      - "@openzeppelin=OpenZeppelin/[email protected]"

Whenever I try running: brownie run deploy.py --network local

I get an error: KeyError: 'local'

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The solution is to add your network configuration inside .brownie/network-config.yaml NOT inside brownie-confing.yaml

Unlike truffle, where network configurations are inside truffle-config.js Brownie holds them inside network-config.yaml

I managed to set up new network just by adding this to the end of the network-config.yaml

 - name: Ganache-GUI
    chainid: 5777
    id: ganache-local
    host: http://localhost:7545

Simple as that.

  • This is how I added sepolia.
brownie networks add Ethereum sepolia host="https://rpc.sepolia.org/" chainid=11155111
  • Local testing
brownie networks add Ethereum local host= chainid=1337

See my answer here, I also had issues adding Sepolia to brownie but now it works: https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/a/149826/97043

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