Is there any documentation available regarding upgrading my version of Safe if a new release comes out? In other words, how I would update/upgrade which Safe my proxy is pointing to?

Gnosis Safe is currently on version 1.3.0, however suppose a version 1.4.0 or 1.3.X was released? What would be the process of updating to the new version?

Thank you very much!

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    @LauriPeltonen it's an open source platform/developer tool built on Ethereum so I'd argue about it
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    Mar 11, 2022 at 15:19
  • You are correct. But the problem is that there are a million open source projects built on top of Ethereum, and we can't provide support for them here. Mar 11, 2022 at 15:25

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Gnosis Safe uses a Proxy/Implementation pattern in its smart contracts. The wallet is a Proxy that forwards calls to the implementation contract using the DELEGATECALL opcode.

The implementation contract address is stored in storage slot 0 of the proxy contract. Upgrading a Safe means switching the implementation contract address to a different one. You can do this by executing a DELEGATECALL operation to a contract that changes the 0th slot of the Safe.
The repository has an example of the migration contract:

There's also will be an option to upgrade through the UI

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